The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The O’Connell’s Tangle With Some New Mummies

The third installment in The Mummy franchise takes place in the far east, and debuted earlier this August. Following in the footsteps of the prior two Mummy movies, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is about an an ancient Chinese Emperor (history buffs know him for the Han-Dynasty), played by Jet Li. Corrupt with power he seeks immortality, and sends his most trusted General to seek out the land’s best sorceress to aide him in achieving his goals. The sorceress (played by Michelle Yeoh), falls for the General while doing the Emperor’s bidding.

The Emperor betrays her by killing her love, the General, and they stabbing her. She predicted he’d betray her, so she instead cursed him to become a Mummy, and his army to become clay wrarriors (the Terracotta Army). The movie would then cut to 1940’s, with a grown up Alex O’Connell (played by Luke Ford), Brendan Fraser reprising his role as Mummy-fighter Rick, and Evelyn’s bumbling brother Jonathan (played by John Hannah) returns. Sadly Evelyn herself is not played by Rachel Weisz, but by Maria Bello. I won’t go into more details about the plot, and risk spoiling it for anyone.

Just keep in mind that losing Rachel for this Mummy movie was a serious blow to the chemistry achieved in the first two. Also, the movie feels rushed, and just tends to “chug-along”, to reach the end credits. I will say this though, this Mummy’s movie has the best special effects of all three (the last set of battle sequences were done well). Fraiser and Li were good in their respective roles, and Ford was okay. Hannah and Yeoh were great in their niche roles for the movie and filled in the gaps nicely when things were becomming aweful. I’ll let you guys see it for yourselves and then add your inputs on how you think it was, and how you think it compared to the other two Mummy movies.


~ by drcorner on August 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”

  1. I just hate it when they change actors or actresses in movie sequels. It just never feels the same. You always want to see the original cast come back time and time again!

  2. I agree, and what’s worse is that Rachel wanted to be a part of Mummy 3, but I think disagreements happened at the last minute. It doesn’t feel the same without her in it…You can see the lack of Chemistry between Brenden and Maria (no knock against her, I’m sure she’s a great Actress), but it’s definitely not the same with Rachel gone.

    If they do a Mummy 4, I hope they can get her back into them.

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