Holiday Tidbits

Help SomeoneI came across a post on another blog recently that reminded me of a couple of things. You know what I’ve found the hardest part with this time of Year (November and December)?

It’s choosing.

Whether choosing the right gift. Choosing the right memory to retain or share with loved ones (friends family). Or choosing what to do with the fast coming 3rd holiday of this time of Year (New Year’s), and its subsequent resolutions that one will have a Year to try and full-fill.

Another thing that I’ve found hard this time of Year, and something the current Global Economy has made ever so present everywhere you go, would be the hardships many families face.

  • Some families cannot afford presents for their friends, extended-family, spouses, or kids.
  • Some families will have nowhere to go this holiday.
  • Some families will have trouble finding a meal to eat this holiday.
  • Some families will have no shelter this holiday.
  • Some people will be all alone on this holiday.
  • Some people will have just lost loved ones, and be too sad to celebrate the holidays.
  • Some people will be too sick to celebrate the holidays.

I could go on, and on, and on. We’re all guilty of a selfish persona this time of Year, myself included. It’s a time of Year where many are enjoying the holidays, while an equal-if not great-number are suffering through it. It can be as simple as a parent not being able to get their kids something for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Or, someone not having their spouse around anymore due to a tragic loss. It can be a family not having a home to live in. It can be someone losing faith.

Many times all it takes is something simple to make them feel better. Whether that’s opening your home to a friend or family member and making them feel welcomed. Or, sharing your extra gifts with those less fortunate. It can be giving away clothes that you haven’t worn in years to charity, or donating to your local church or charity organization. It can be helping a hand with a stranger. Helping someone with their groceries (whether paying or carrying), can go a long way.

No one says that you have to go the extra mile to help someone out (but doing so is also great). Just offering your hand in troubling times can help bring someone or some people out of troubling times. It can help guide them through the fogs-of-despair, and it can help them through the holidays when reminders of happier times surround them everywhere and can overwhelm them with sadness or guilt.

Just helping someone this time of Year, or being there for them may just help yourself.


~ by drcorner on December 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Holiday Tidbits”

  1. Wow! Is this the best present you could give to the world! A reminder, that we are all guilty of needing a reminder once in while. In our hearts we know it and we feel it, but sometimes we are too busy to remember to act on it. Thanks for sharing this, it’s perfect timing, especially after just having a discussion with someone dear to me about their rent being raised $200 a month and they are wondering what they are going to do? I did offer her my tent 🙂 and she thanked me for sharing the great laugh along with her pain! I told her my tent was small, but rainproof and free! 🙂 Seriously, I was not making fun of it, it was really a distressing conversation, that I needed to lighten the stress with a joke, and I’m good at that 🙂

    The funny thing is, she offered a new shirt to someone today, that was so excited to get a brand new dress shirt. Truly what makes the world a wonderful place!

    Wonderful & brilliant post, thank you for sharing it DR!

  2. Miss you. Where are you?

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