Thanksgiving Hangover

…Oh Man What A What Feeling

Thanksgiving AfterIt’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I have a headache. But, let me start off by sharing how my Thanksgiving went.

After we woke up we did the usual rounds of Holiday phone calls. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, seeing who was going where, and bringing what (this alone took up a couple of hours).

We were bringing a cranberry and walnut pie, and wow was it good (more on that later). Oh, and it was store bought as well from this gourmet place. Don’t give me that look, we always make things, but were too tired this Year. We arrived around mid-day (another cousin arrived the same time), and everyone had just started eating. A lot of family members were there, and the food looked and smelled great.

There was turkey, stuffing, cranberries, mash potatoes, string beans…and any other Thanksgiving food you could have imagined, including two different mushroom dishes (one of which was stuffed). Then everyone got to sample that great pie we brought. To say it was good would have been a SERIOUS understatement (yes, it was *that* good). It was soft as velvet, and the mixture of tastes from the cranberries and walnuts in the pie were mind-blowing. Needless to say there was none left for later.

Afterward we moved from the dining area to the living room to converse. By this time another cousin and her family had arrived. We talked, took pictures, watched TV, and recorded videos of why we were thankful (one set of family was visiting from Florida, hence why).

By late evening some of us were watching the Game (the fast paced Eagles/Cards’ game was fun to watch). Somewhere around this time we also had our second helping of food (another understatement). I was stuffed to the brim, not something I normally do, but the food was so good.

I know now why Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins…you feel like crap afterward. 😦

By midnight I was exhausted, the day long clamoring and noise from all of the kids, and the flashes from cameras had given me a monster headache. Add to the fact I was feeling more full than the turkey, and I was ready to pass out right there and then.

When we finally got home and went to bed it was something like 2 or 3 in the morning. I woke up around noon today. The aforementioned headache is still with me.

Man do I dislike Thanksgiving hangovers.

But, even with all the hecticness of yesterday I still had fun. It was great to be around some family members you hadn’t seen for months. It was fun to see how my younger cousins had grown so much since I last saw them, and it was great to catch up with everyone as a whole.

Chalk up another entry into the family albums, and call it a day.

Enough about my Thanksgiving day, how was yours? What memories of yesterday (good or bad alike), do you have?

And, most important: How bad was your Thanksgiving hangover. 😀


~ by drcorner on November 28, 2008.

12 Responses to “Thanksgiving Hangover”

  1. Now I want to try the pie … never heard of it before …

  2. 😆 , Yeah it was that good. We bought it from some visiting Amish that were selling them.

    It was soft as butter, and velvety smooth.

  3. Pretty Funny DR…This all sounds vaguely familiar. Hectic, but fun. I found 20 (just part of the family could be together, otherwise it would have been about 40??) of us in one room for 10 hours, cause enough for a headache, but I loved every minute of it.

    Luckily we had two rooms with TV’s so after stuffing ourselves nearly to death, The girls all managed to find a quiet spot in one TV room, cups of coffee with Bailey’s, and a fire, enjoying the loud laughter of the guys all congregated in the other TV room watching a funny Christmas comedy, with the speakers so loud, it was rattling our eardrums. You know it wouldn’t be a holiday if it was any other way though!

  4. Hi I juts loved your post. I have so much left over turkey I am sure before too long I will dislike turkey. Thanksgiving for me was nice but my son wasn’t able to be with us. He is in the Army and wasn’t able to get home. So it felt incomplete, but all in all I made the most out of it and enjoyed gathering with family. Thanks for visiting my blog. That is how I found yours. Take care…

  5. 😆 , Wow Brittany that’s a lot of people for you… years ago we used to have around that much people gathering for Thanksgiving, and going to 4 or so family houses. You’re absolutely right, it can be hectic but at the same it’s great to see people you usually don’t get see often during the Year.

    By the sounds of it, your Thanksgiving hangover might’ve been huge. 😀

    VERY smart to split the guys and girls with different likes. That way everyone is happy doing something they like around similar people. That fireplace sounded very homely.

    Did you guys get any snow up there? Pretty much the whole East Coast had dampish weather.

  6. Butterflies, thank you for such a great comment, you’re always warmly welcomed here at DR Corner, and it’s great that you enjoyed the post (I’m glad you could relate).

    😆 , I can relate to that feeling. Two years ago, we had 2 different types of turkey: traditional and jerk. I didn’t want to see turkey for another year! 😛

    I’m sorry to hear your son couldn’t return home in time. Hopefully he’ll be able to spend time with you guys for Christmas and/or New Years.

    You’re welcome, I loved visiting your blog as well and definitely plan to continue doing so (as I had bookmarked it).

  7. That pie sounds deadly DR! We ate at my in-laws house and then went to my parents for dessert. Five pies! Apple, pumpkin, and pecan, all with fresh whipped cream. Oh Man, I definitely had three huge pieces along with a heaping glass of egg nog. Plus leftovers later. Not my healthiest day ever.

  8. Wow bro, 5 pies?! 😆

    Guess you’re covered for holidays. 😀

    Yeah, this pie was great. It’s a shame I probably won’t see the sellers again for awhile.

    One of the best things about Thanksgiving are the leftovers, haha.

  9. I wish I could taste that cranberry and walnut pie! I love pie. I practically ate a pumpkin pie by myself. We had a smaller group this year at my mother-in-law’s as the nieces and nephews get married and go to their in-laws instead. The traditional stuff yourself until you collapse tradition still continues no matter how many show up.

    Another long tradition is viewing Kansas City’s Plaza Lighting ceremony from my mother-in-law’s condo windows. At least that doesn’t have any calories. My daughter and her boyfriend are vegan (they sneak in some cheese…), so we always have an alternative to turkey, if we want it.

    The day after Thanksgiving, we drove three hours to my mother’s where the feasting started all over again with more relatives. We play card games there. Sports is always on at both locations.

  10. I had my first American Thanksgiving here this year & thoroughly enjoyed it! Mmmmm…pie 😀

  11. I’m glad you had a good time too Cat’.

    It must have been exhausting for you guys during Thanksgiving after comming back from the long trip.

    Sounds like you guys also had a wide variety of food for a feast. 😆 I enjoy fruit pies the most, so it was great I was able to find that pie., and, yes it was *that* good… 😛 , you would’ve loved it, and how velvety smooth it was. 😆

    As our family gets larger, and spreads out…many of our traditional gatherings are getting harder and harder to accomplish as each year passes. It’s great that you guys keep tradition as well. Yeah, we also have some picky eaters with special food tastes with us too. 😆

  12. Hey Aria, how’s it going…long time hearing from you. Glad to have you stopp’n by.

    That’s right I forgot, this will be your first full-time Holiday Season state side.
    Had your fill of Turkey for Thanksgiving did you? 😛

    I’m glad you had a great time, and here’s to many more happy holidays to you!

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