Resounding Victory For President Obama

Barack Obama And Joe Biden With Their WivesThe World was tuned in. History was made last night as Barrack Obama triumphantly won the 2008 Presidential Election by a nearly 200 Electoral margin (349-163), to become the first African American President in United States history. He was able to accomplish the feat by winning on multiple fronts.

Early into the night, things didn’t look as good as they should have for Obama. Early polls were giving the edge in some states to McCain, rattling some of Obama’s supporters as they called into CNN to find out what was going on. But, by around 8 PM the picture started to become clearer.

Barack ObamaBy 9 PM Obama had managed to win two of the big states up for grabs (Pennsylvania and Ohio), while losing Virginia to McCain. That would pretty much be McCain’s only major victory on the night. No Republican in recent history has ever become President without winning Ohio (Abraham Lincoln was the last).

From that time on it became increasingly difficult for McCain to win. With each passing minute Obama’s victory margin grew wider and wider (it was like the Red Sea was parting). This was going to be a long night for McCain.

John MccainObama was able to retain all the carry states from the 2004 election. He also won many of the bigger battles in the “battleground states” (these are the states up for grabs, and they could swing either way), including Florida. Obama did the amazing feat of winning some Republican states as well.

At this point, once the map was shown, you could see that McCain was pretty much defeated (he would have to win nearly all the remaining states just to close the gap and take the lead). The big West Coast states like California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada weren’t even factored in yet (most of which were already earmarked as victories for Obama).

Barack Obama FamilyThere are two states that are still too close to call, but there’s no question as to who won the Election. Obama clearly beat the 270 Electoral Votes required to become the next Commander In Chief. His tasks will be tough, and he’ll need to hit the road running…but, there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll do a good job in starting to correct the messes left by Bush.

Barack Obama FamilyHe’s a down-to-Earth family man. His wife is smart, eloquent, graceful, and will make an excellent First Lady. He understands the mistakes that were done in the past, and what needs to be done to remedy them. Obama’s a modern guy, bringing fresh ideas and change, and not just the United States, but the World is looking for him and his staff to lead us again.


~ by drcorner on November 5, 2008.

10 Responses to “Resounding Victory For President Obama”

  1. YES WE DID!

  2. Yeah, that was pretty cool. I like how Charlie Gibson said, “It’s now ten seconds until the polls close in the west coast states…(staring down at clock) Annnnnnd the polls are closed, Barack Obama is the next President of the United States.” I didn’t get misty eyed until I saw video from all over the world as people in many different countries reacted with joy at the news. Saying things like, “welcome back America.” We’re in for quite a ride in the coming year. Now, we just have to wait out these last few months and hope Bush doesn’t screw up any more stuff worse than he already has. Nice post as always DR.

  3. Obama is half african american, half white. Get it right.

  4. Hey Jenn, damn right we did! πŸ˜€

  5. Thanks apline’ for the great post, and compliments…much obliged.

    Yeah, it was a great sight to see people from all of the world (especially the Kenya video) celebrating when Obama won…the world is looking towards his Cabinet now for leadership out of these global issues. Regarding Bush, I hope so too. πŸ˜›

  6. Jon, for all I care he can be 1/4 African American…it doesn’t matter, what matters is change is coming, and History was made. His mother didn’t abandon him when he was conceived during a time when racial turmoil was very high…nor, did she abandon him when her family didn’t approve.

  7. I wanted to move to America as soon as I found out that Obama had won, hahaha. I hope he keeps his promises. I’m not American, but I think I’ll feel personally hurt and offended if the Obama presidency doesn’t turn out as great as we were all made to hope it would be.

    (Btw I read he played basketball while waiting for the election results. How cool is he??) πŸ˜€

  8. πŸ˜† , Jam’ yeah he is a pretty cool guy. For the most part, I bet he will do great in starting to turn things around…it probably won’t be any easy task, nor an easy road…but there’s no doubt in my mind he knows that changes need to be made. He has a tremendous uphill battle and mess to cleanup, so it will take awhile (who knows, he may even win a 2nd-Term to continue his work). I, like most of the world, wish him success.

  9. I hope Obama will be good for small business across the global economy! We need change…someone needs to be thinking about the small neighborhood folks who are small business owners in every neighborhood across the country, who pay rent on all the buildings, who pay people to work and produce goods that support the global economy, who pay taxes to support the our government, & who donate to charities that support the needy in our individual communities. I am hopefull that things are going to change and I am excited! :>)

    Thanks DR for posting the subject for discussion, as always it’s great!

  10. Hey Brit, you’re absolutely right…

    I think Obama recognizes that it’s the little man, and middle-man that’s hurting the most…not Big Business (though help is needed there as well, due to the trickle down effect).

    He plans to raise taxes to put his plans into effect, but thankfully he wisely narrows it to the richer people…the select few can make a HUGE difference compared to majority paying more. His $250,000 is good IMO because it’s still a fair amount that allows those at the Manager level to not suffer more, while the CEO and EVP types are equal to the lower guys in doing their part (every little can help).

    It definitely takes the load off of the whole…

    You’re welcome! πŸ˜€ I’m glad all of you can relate (whether in agreement or disagreement), and am always ears to your opinions…

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