Allen Iverson Traded To The Detroit Pistons

Blockbuster Trade Kicks Of Early NBA Season

Joe Dumars promised big changes ahead for the Motor-City, and boy did he deliver. With the first week of the new NBA Season just completed, the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets have agreed to a trade that involves All-Star guards Allen Iverson and Chauncey Billups. The Nuggets will also be getting Antonio McDyess in the deal, and Cheikh Samb (for salary matching purposes). This is McDyess’ 3rd stint with the team that he began his career with, and Billups’ 2nd.

Beyond the impact on the court this trade will have for both teams, it also offers Detroit cap flexibility and suddenly makes them a player in the highly touted 2010 Free Agency class (one that features Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Steve Nash, and many other NBA All-Stars). Joe Dumars is a genius, and once again pulls a rabbit out of his hat (see: Rasheed Wallace), and rebuilds his team on the fly…all while maintaining their future.

Along with his elite career stats, Iverson brings with him a huge expiring deal ($22 Million to be exact). Combined with Rasheed Wallace’s approximately $14 Million expiring deal, Detroit will be able to restock themselves into a championship-caliber team without missing a beat. Billups (owed $36.3 million over the next three seasons, with a $14.2 million team option for 2011-12), and McDyess ($6.8 million each of the next two seasons), add to the Nuggets already cumbersome salaries.

When the Nuggets dealt Camby for a 2nd Rounder in the off-season, many thought they were doing it to relieve any Luxury Tax threats. By making this trade, the Nuggets are going against that. Had they kept Camby and made this move, Denver would’ve been a team to be reckoned with in the VERY deep Western Conference. Now, they may be battling hard for that 6th-8th spot later in the Season.

Detroit’s young Point Guard Rodney Stuckey has recently emerged as a very capable starter. This probably made it much easier for Dumars to pull the trigger on the trade, as it opens up playing time for him, as well as young Forward Jason Maxiel. If only the aging Spurs (who are just as equally well managed), could take the same route as Dumars and be willing to shake things up when the need calls for it. It’ll be an adjustment for Shooting Guard Richard Hamilton, who may have some trouble finding his niche on this team with Iverson coming in.

On Denver’s side, they get a better passer who plays better team defense, and is know as Mr. “Big Shot” for a reason. He’s also brings a winning attitude after helping guide the Pistons to the Eastern Conference finals during each of his previous six seasons in Detroit. Factoring all of those positives, maybe the Nuggets with finally get out of the 1st Round (they struggled with this during Carmelo Anthony’s time there). Billups can hit the outside shot (something he’s relied more on the last few Seasons), and can find his teamates in the open-court game (something that should fit the high-flyers in Denver well), so Denver Coach George Karl should love the upbeat pace resulting from better ball movement.


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