Crunch Time: 2008 Presidential Election

With the Presidential Election just a few days away, so I’ll leave this post stickied on the Blog for the next few days. This way you can choose to weigh-in on what you think of either candidate and their running-mate as well as who you’ll vote for (please don’t mention that part in your post, just vote in the Poll who you would vote for). Whether you’re in the Obama/Biden camp, or McCain/Palin camp, you’ll know your vote will have an impact in a very crucial Presidential Election.


~ by drcorner on November 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Crunch Time: 2008 Presidential Election”

  1. who will you be voting for, if i may ask? 🙂

  2. I may tell…but until at least the elections are over. 😀

    …But you can probably get an idea by some of my prior posts. 😆

  3. Well, the election has come and gone like Christmas morning, or maybe more like New Year’s Eve. The outcome for me was just what I was hoping for, although I would have liked to see more seats in the House swing to the left. Regardless of that shortcoming, the People of America stoop up and made history. I am more proud to be an American than I have been in my lifetime. I was too young to remember the Moon Landing in ’69.

    Unfortunately, with every bit of sun a little rain must fall. Many people have been very upset all day, much like a disappointed fan whose team lost the championship game. Moreover, posts and chat rooms have been filled with people who are going beyond mere disappointment and are bordering on hate.

    I can understand the concern about facing the unknown and the Nation is certainly in the midst of dire straights. The people who have had the luxury of being “in power” are suddenly forced to deal with a new kind of dynamic taking hold and they are scared. Hell, I’m scared, but I welcome what comes. Tomorrow, I will continue to live my life as best as I can with the idea that things can only get better. Not only that, I believe that the things Barack Obama is more than up to the task at hand.

    One thing that struck me about John McCain’s concession speech and Obama’s acceptance speech is that they both spoke of healing and reaching across the aisle. I think it’s important that they both sides do that, but it’s equally important that We, the People work together as well. We cannot rely on our government to do the things for us that we are not willing to work on ourselves. If we make our government do it all for us, then we deserve to lose everything as well. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work along with everyone else.

    It’s time to heal the old wounds that have been bleeding this nation and her people for decades. It’s time to forgive each other and ourselves and look to a brighter future. But all this comes at a price that we all must be willing to pay. I know Barack Obama will be able to inspire us all to work together. I also know that there are those who are willing to not put in the hard work for the sole purpose of seeing Obama’s vision fail in order to be able to say, “You see? I told you so.”

    That will be there misfortune.

    Many from the right have seen their Party’s leader’s approval rating drop as low as 26%, but persist that this is merely a product of the Clinton Administration. Those who are not willing to admit they have a problem usually project their behavior onto others.

    I’ve read in several boards how people from the Right are “scared” for their lives because of the behavior of Democrats. They are claiming they are afraid to admit they are Republicans for fear of getting hurt or insulted. It’s funny, and may seem petty, but I have had to deal with that exact same behavior in reverse for years. I could not present my point of view without being labeled a liberal or worse. I don’t mind the label. I wear it with pride. Actually, I’m a little more than just a liberal, but I’ll not yet let on as to what. You would have to guess.

    Obama has called for unity and I for one plan on doing what I can to work with others to do what I can to make things better on a large or small scale.

    Obama wants nonpartisan politics to be the norm. Remember that Bush wanted the same thing, but his idea of nonpartisan was the Democrats should just agree with the bills presented by the Republicans without a fight. Obama’s idea of nonpartisan, I believe will be open dialogue to come up with the best plan possible. His plans will also be forward thinking and proactive. His administration will present plans quickly even if there is a lot of discussion involved. He knows how to manage and get things done. It’s obvious by how far he has been able to come in such a short time.

    Is this scary? You betcha, but it will be worth it.

  4. Hey Keith, How’s it going buddy?

    Thanks for stopping by, great post!

    The Senate race was very close to a filibuster proof Democratic victory (it still can go that way, but that will probably take weeks to sort out). It would be great though if it would happen mainly because the work Obama and his Cabinet have ahead of them is VERY difficult, and the less political obstacles and “agendas” they have to deal with along the way…the faster things can get done and the repair process can begin.

    And so right here, they need to address these huge problems not as individual parties, but as one unified government that is doing what is was created to do: rebuild and make America sturdy again. Other nations are looking this way for leadership and to take the global turmoil out into the light, and fix what needs to be done. The more inner-turmoil that presents itself during that time, the longer the rebuilding will take (on a micro-level, see Katrina).

    As I’ve been saying from Day 1 of this blog, there’s two things I can’t wait to see: a Unified World Government, and future fuels and advancements that will allow us to rely less on the depleted sources and more on renewable sources that are clean and cheap (flying cars here we come 😀 ).

    …Worth it, it indeed will be…

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