New Category! Plus Some Political Insights

Today, I decided on something new. I’ll be adding the “Thoughts” Category to DR Corner. It’ll basically be my take on anything that life entails; something to share my personal opinions on entirely. The first entry is about my take on a current fad:

Sarah Palin

Now before you get offended, let me just say that I think she may be a good person, I don’t know her personally to say otherwise. The reason I’m calling her a fad would be because she is one. Follow along:

-Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton take the spotlight, John McCain is an afterthought

-Hillary drops out, and the focus shifts to Obama and McCain, most of which is on Obama. McCain is still an afterthought

-McCain then garners some media attention by becoming “close” to Obama in the polls, when he’s probably just closer than most expected him to be

-Obama announces his running mate is Joe Biden, who is competent and compliments him well…everyone tunes in for the announcement. The Democratic Convention is a big success

-McCain’s camp looks disorderly trying to keep his running-mate a secret until their Convention nears

-Obama BLOWS AWAY McCain with a truly awesome speech, and a series of speeches from the Democratic convention attendees (Michelle Obama, Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and even Republican and former President Eisenhower’s granddaughter)

-McCain has now become an afterthought again

-McCain announces his running-mate will be Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin

-Initial shock of him choosing a female VP wears off. Background checks ensue for the next comming days/weeks

-The first round of checks dive deep into her personal life (something that I think is wrong), and controversies abound

-McCain becomes relevant again, and their campaign will ride on the coatails of ‘Palinmania’ for as long as they can, garnering as much desperately needed media attention as they can

To summarize: Palin has become the face of McCain’s campaign, to the uneducated you’d think she was running for President. Most didn’t know her before McCain picked her, and most will forget her if they lose.

There are many camps with which Palin/McCain have garnered with her selection. The first would be feminists, but if you check around many women aren’t really backing her. McCain’s camp probably thought they could switch Hillary supporters to their side with this move, but as more time rolls on, more women are doing the exact opposite.

Before Palin was selected, many women were either with Hillary, Obama, or were waiting it out. Quite a few female Republicans were fed up over the last few years of inadequacies. With McCain’s past voting style emulating pro-Bush, they were looking for improved upon options (maybe not drastic changes, but changes nonetheless)..

Many Religious people like the McCain/Palin duo, but as more and more amoral issues arise, that could change. I personally don’t think it’s right to judge her, her daughter, or anyone else in her family for anything they’ve done in their personal life.

It’s not our place to take some high-n-mighty stance and cast judgment, when so many of us encounter the same situation(s) on a daily basis. It’s great that they’ll decide to keep the baby, and possibly start a family…but, it’s none of our business. At the same-time, I expect the McCain/Palin duo not to use this as a crutch and to their Political Campaign advantage, crying foul afterwards if Obama’s people call them on it.

Regarding the War, it’s nice to see that Palin’s son is not afraid to go, and they’re not using their Political-clout to block him. But, let’s be real here…he’s probably not Prince Edward (who actually fights to continue serving as a regular person). I also doubt that Palin would let her son be at the frontlines. A lot of moms or wives of those serving who don’t have that option, can probably chime in on this.

Lastly, after countless years of Energy misuse, and 8 Years of things getting worse, I don’t think people will listen to those who’s Political history mimics those mistakes that have put us here with little re-mediation of the problem. At least the plans proposed by Obama offer much cleaner, and less impacting solutions for Environmental reform.

So far, I prefer Obama’s plans for perks for Alternative Energy companies/plans that will boost incentives to further research advancements. In addition, I would definitely lean towards the side that wants less drilling in previously protected land, and outright reduced dependency on things like Oil…I’m sure most of you having to pay $4/Gallon or more, agree. I also look forward to his aggressive plans for better and cleaner transportation options (like A LOT more hybrids, and fuel types to choose from).

While the person I really wanted never ran (Bloomberg), and the person who I wanted lost (Hillary)…Obama is definitely a great option that has many of those values as well.

Come November, 2008 the clock will be ticking…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first, of many, “Thought” Posts. Now, what’s your take? Add and subtract whatever thoughts of your own from this post using comments…


~ by drcorner on September 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “New Category! Plus Some Political Insights”

  1. i’m not american but i’m completely anxious about the us elections. if obama wins, i hope he sticks to his plans about boosting alternative energy, hope he doesnt get eaten by the oil giants. the world is smitten by his promises of change, i think even non-americans will truly be disappointed if he fails to deliver once he’s in the white house.

    palin’s an interesting choice, true. wonder what else’ll happen, after the lipstick-on-a-pig hullaballoo, the pro-gun statements and all that.

    interesting, i hardly think of mccain at all. before it was all about hillary and obama, now the press is crazy about covering palin. you are right; he is an afterthought. gah.

  2. It’s actually great that so many people outside the US like yourself are interested in this Year’s critical Elections, and don’t worry everyone is welcomed to have an opinion regardless of where you’re from or who you are. πŸ˜€

    What you said, I think many outside the US feel exactly the same way. The last 8 Years were not just hard for Americans, but had ripple effects around the world too. So many countries are rooting for Obama (and for Hillary when she was still an option), because they see that even though McCain/Palin maybe saying otherwise, the way they’ve addressed politics in their careers has so far mimicked Bush…

    So it basically boils down to who is offering the best opportunity for change across the board, and right now Obama fits that to a “T”.

    Obama has surrounded himself with the right people early on (just like Bill Clinton did), and it looks like he’ll build an equally as good Cabinet to help run the Country. And you’re right, his plans do sound great (as I mentioned in the post, I for one love the Energy and Research/Advancements in Science plans). Hopefully he does carry them out as best as he can and promised too.

    πŸ˜† , With McCain/Palin you never know…gott’a love ‘Palinmania’…

    For all of our sakes, let’s hope they stay an afterthought… πŸ˜€

  3. The candidates I wanted didn’t run, either. We’ve either got old and tired or green and I don’t mean that in the new catchphrase meaning environmentally friendly. The Fannie Mae Freddie Mac debacle might shake up the campaign. Both parties have plenty of blame there. I remember the whole mess with Frederick Raines, head of Fannie Mae, during Clinton’s presidency. Raines had to resign because of accounting “errors,” although he had no trouble profiting himself. I think he’s on Obama’s economic team now, so you can see why I wouldn’t be hopeful that Obama can help. I remember the Carter years when mortgage rates were 17 percent so I’m very cynical and fearful about the whole economy whenever the government steps in to “help.” Some regulation is required, but the regulators seem in on the take. Both Obama and McCain got a lot of money from Lehman Brothers employees, Obama the most. What did the donors want?

    Is growing the government even larger going to accomplish anything other than more government employees? I was a government employee for a while….I’m for sustainable government. That means people have to create wealth before the government can take it. Let’s find a way to foster creativity and production. We need to encourage genius to get the world energy self-sufficient.

    The baby boomers, of whom I am one, created a lot of this mess with their indulgent borrowing lifestyle. Their money, as they were trying to maximize it, created the internet boom, but then it popped because it wasn’t real. That happened during Clinton’s years. As children of Depression and WWI era parents, we weren’t raised to spend, spend, spend. We grew up with small carbon footprints, to use another catchphrase. Our expectations are so far beyond what our parents had.

    The Iraq War, of course, is a disaster. I had just read a book about the Crusades a year before the Shock and Awe Iraq War and knew there was no way in hell we could do any good there. It has been a seething mass of sectarian violence and betrayal for two thousand years.

    I also see a lot of similarity between Obama and Palin. Both have attracted a lot of followers who just like them no matter what and don’t want to hear anything their tainted backstories. I think we need to move beyond the cult of personality. Thomas Jefferson had some moral failings, but he was probably our most brilliant president. He was also a terrible public speaker. Just because Obama and Palin give good teleprompter is no reason to vote for either of them. That takes me back to my original statement. I have no horse in this race, but I will have to bet on some horse. Gaia help us!

    Thanks for letting me blow off steam on your blog!

  4. Wow, I was browsing through the posts, and can’t believe I missed this one…sorry about that Catherine, great post.

    Every administration will have its fault, but everyone can agree that some can be better than others…Clinton’s 8 Years were better than Bush’s (and I’ll go one step further and add another 4 years from Bush Sr. Too).

    Also, each generation is partially to blame for the next’s woes (as well as the current generation)…kinda like a snowball effect, where if it isn’t addressed, it will keep becoming worse.

    Bush Jr., didn’t know what he was getting into (all around here), and compounded that by not surrounding himself with enough right people. So far, it seems that Obama has a better base laid than McCain (again my originals of Bloomberg and Hillary trump this, but also share similar POVs with him).

    Finally, in the “Thoughts” Corner you’re always welcomed to voice your opinions and ranting/venting is a must. πŸ˜€

  5. That is an accurate assessment. I saw the VP debate last night and while Palin did not crash and burn like I thought she might, we could clearly see who had experience with the issues. And it wasn’t her. I hope the American people will actually make a good decision come Nov. 4th.

    One big problem is that there are so many “one issue” voters out there. If a candidate is pro-choice or anti-gay, then people are automatically against them no matter what the other candidates policies might be or how badly they would influence everything else besides abortion or stem cells or whatever.

    I myself am Christian and pro-life, but I can also see which candidate would make an overall better difference for the US and it’s standing in the world.

  6. Hey alpine, thanks.

    πŸ˜† , yeah like VP, like Presidential Candidate. Everytime John or Sarah talk, they makes it easier and easier for Obama and Joe.

    Voters are smarter this time around, they have to be, since most learned their lessons from the last 8 Years of Bush. Like I’ve been saying for awhile, no Candidate is perfect, but you can see when one has a better platform than the other.

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