Tom Brady Done For The Season!

Patriots Dynasty Comes To An Abrupt End

Reports were circulating late last night on the severity of New England superstar QB Tom Brady’s injury. It’s bad…real bad.

He has a possible torn ACL.

There looks to be a very real possibility the Patriots may have to play the Season without their gunslinger. If you saw the excruciating pain he was in, you wouldn’t need to be a doctor to know it’s serious. When he screamed, everyone was silently panicking in the Stadium. The Pats’ hopes to knocks off the defending champions (my NY Giants) this Season and win another title, took a HUGE blow, and quite possibly went down with Brady. With many of their players aging (Seau) or departing (Stallworth, Samuel) over the last couple of Seasons, they don’t have much time, if at all, left for another excruciating trophy-run. Remember, they exhausted a lot of energy as Brady led them in last year’s NFL-record-setting 16-0 undefeated Season.

The injury came during the Patriots’ game against the Chiefs, one they eventually won, barely. Belichick doesn’t know yet how serious the injury may be, but does know they’re in for a long-road ahead of them as Brady’s 128 Games streak as a starter is about to be broken.

I’m definitely not one to revel in others misery, and would never ever wish injury on anyone. Regardless of what Team you support, you as a football-fan, can probably relate to how much of a devastating blow this is to Pats’ fans (due to the extreme cockiness many Pats’ fans exhibit, you know how hard this is for me to say). My Giants have also seen their fair share of big injuries over the last few years, especially to the Defense, and every one of them couldn’t have happened at a worst time.

One thing I can tell you for sure, most Teams had their date with the Patriots marked as a Loss, well now I betcha many are switching those L’s to W’s. A couple of other things this just threw into motion:

  1. The Colts just got a golden egg dropped into their laps, and Peyton may get ring #2 (but I hope his brother Eli beats him to it 😀 ).
  2. The Jets, who were rebuilding, just got a VERY real possibility of not just getting in, but going far in the Playoffs behind their new QB (longtime Packers’ stale-worth, Bret Favre).
  3. The Rookie QB they drafted that was possibly a long term replacement for Brady, just got his training expedited. I bet he thought he wouldn’t get past 3rd string until 2011.
  4. The Patriots may get a high pick out of this in next year’s draft. But, I hope they’re competitive spirits will screw them over and keep them at a mid-1st rounder (sorry Pats’ fans, but we can’t have you go out and build another Dynasty so fast).

It’s ironic how much attention ESPN gave Brady’s slightly injured foot months ago, now this major injury happens.

You can read more about the injury (and what they have released so far), here, as well as which Teams could step-up here.


~ by drcorner on September 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “Tom Brady Done For The Season!”

  1. there goes our season…no way will bill win or even cheat his way out of this one

  2. 😆 , What’s funny is that until you just mentioned it again, I really forgot about Patriots’ Spygate. They’ve done a great job is getting it out of people’s current thoughts.

    I don’t think you guys will fully tank this Season, you’ll probably be a middle of the pack Team, and take a Wild Card.

  3. My daughter went to college in Boston for four years (graduated 2007) so I became very aware of Boston sports teams, particularly the Red Sox. You could see into Fenway Park from her window, and we could hear the roars of the crowd. We always seemed to be there during games. Chaos! I’m usually barely aware of any sports going on (except KU basketball! Go, Jayhawks!) but I actually started following Boston teams. They always seemed to win. Maybe those days are over.

  4. Wow, sounds like a great experience for your daughter…She must have seen the players when they left the Stadium too. Yeah, Boston and NY’ers alike are known for their intensity in sports (especially when it involves each other). 😆 Don’t worry both cities go into cycles (as do all others). This decade pretty much belonged to Boston 😦 , what with the Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and BU. The 90’s was NY’s era (Knicks, Yankees, Rangers, Jets/Giants).

    BTW, you must be proud to see 3 Jayhawks make it to the Pros, getting selected in the 2008 NBA Draft. Congrats!

  5. We were kind of bummed that two of the three left KU early to join the pros!

    I joked to my daughter that she ought to hang out at the entrance to Fenway Park to see Jennifer Garner go to the Red Sox games with Ben Affleck, but she just rolled her eyes even though she was a big, big, big fan of “Alias.”

  6. I’m just glad I didn’t draft him this year.

  7. Yeah it’s hard when the Team loses most of it’s talent to the pros, but the bright side is that the rebuilding allows the younger guys a shot to play more.

    😆 , Your daughter just may, her best shot though are probably when the Yankees are in town. I loved Alias too, but not all of the Seasons were great, but it did end prematurely IMO.

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