Stargate Atlantis Cancelled!

Season 5 Will Be The Series Finale

This past week Sci Fi Network & MGM announced that its hit show Stargate will end after the Season 5 Finale, and there will not be a Season 6. Season 5 is set to end with a possible cliffhanger in January of 2009, with the Episode “Enemy At the Gate”.

Stargate Atlantis debuted as a spin-off to Stargate SG-1 in the Summer of 2004 as SCI FI Network’s highest rated premiere for an original program. Ironically Atlantis began as SG-1 was coming to an end after 10 Seasons. SCI FI Channel gave the green light to the next series in the Stargate Franchise titled “Stargate Universe”, of which very little is known yet. So far, it’s been scheduled for a two-hour Summer 2009 debut, and will focus more on the characters and darker themes (similar to SCI FI Channel’s other big hit Battlestar Gallactica), whereas prior incarnations were tech-centric.

Aimed at younger viewers, it will also be set aboard a ship, and see far more space-action than its predecessors and will feature a brand new cast. It will be produced by longtime Stargate co-creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, who have begun the work on the script for the premiere. Here’s a small premise that SCI FI Channel has released so far:

After unlocking the mystery of the Stargate’s ninth chevron, a team of explorers travels to an unmanned starship called the Destiny, launched by the Ancients at the height of their civilization as a grand experiment set in motion but never completed.

What starts as a simple reconnaissance turns into a never-ending mission as the Stargate Universe crew discovers that the ship is unable to return to Earth and that they must now fend for themselves aboard the Destiny.

The crew will travel to the far reaches of the universe, connecting with each of the previously launched Stargates, thus fulfilling the Destiny’s original mission. (SCI FI Network)

Mark Stern, executive vice president of original programming for SCI FI, said in a statement that “SCI FI has enjoyed tremendous success with Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, and we’re proud to be the home of the new Stargate Universe”. Sci Fi Channel president Dave Howe feels the same way, stating “The intention here is to make this one skew young and give it a contemporary vibe, […] As a network, obviously we look at Battlestar Galactica, that’s set the standard in terms of tense character drama […] Brad and Robert are very eager to keep the action and adventure and the sense of humor […] I think there’s an opportunity to maybe inject a bit more dramatic intensity into the series. But that’s obviously a conversation for them as they start to script and move into development. (Multichannel News)

Many believe (myself included), that it was becoming too much for the Writers and Network to handle multiple Stargate shows at the same time. When Stargate Atlantis’ creation was announced years ago, Stargate SG-1 was also announced to be ending its run on TV. But, the Networks and Studios decided that they will shift SG-1’s focus from Television and periodically release direct-to-DVDs set in the same storyline. The first two movies, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum, were great financial successes.

“We’re excited to tell Atlantis stories on a bigger canvas,” Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper, co-creators of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis and currently executive producers on Atlantis, said in a statement. “The successes of the two original Stargate [direct-to-video] movies The Ark of Truth and Continuum have shown us the opportunities that the movie format offers. We have plans for both SG-1 and Atlantis to remain vital as we expand the franchise.” (Multichannel News)

The good news?

More Stargate movies are on the horizon, and not just for Stargate SG-1 as Stargate Atlantis will also follow suite, living-on in movie format with its first Stargate Atlantis Movie being given the green light (also slated for a 2009 debut). It would’ve have been too much in my opinion for all involved in the Stargate Franchise to handle both Atlantis & Universe, while still finding time each year to role out multiple Stargate movies. They would have been stretched too thin, and production value may also have suffered. While I’ll miss seeing Atlantis every Friday (like most of us did with SG-1 for 10 Years), it’s good to know that it will continue, and we’ll be expecting newcommers into the Stargate Franchise, just like we did with Atlantis four-years-ago.


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7 Responses to “Stargate Atlantis Cancelled!”

  1. Hey, I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my “about” page. I don’t see a comment option on your about page. I do like Stargate, though. I loved the original Stargate movie with the girl/guy from “The Crying Game.” We do have some things in common…..I’ve put you on my blogroll so I can check in. I think you need to tell your readers more about yourself…..

  2. Sucks that is gone, sucks really bad.

  3. Hey Catherine, thanks for visiting as well, and for the friendly comments. Thank you for the Blogroll add (I’ve just done the same), and I look forward to future conversations here and there with you. I’ve updated my “About” Page as well, and you can now comment on it, the page will be updated a couple more times down the road to accommodate changes.

    As for Stargate, the original movie was great, its what sparked so much interest for a show-version, and almost 15 years later started a great franchise.

    If you like the original movie, and you’ve watched the TV Show Eureka, you may like Stargate Atlantis more than Stargate SG-1, because Atlantis has that witty banter between the characters that the original movie had.

  4. Yeah Murray, it does suck. Big Time!

    It seemed so sudden and short-lived. But, I’m happy that Atlantis will continue in Movie Format. Think about it this way: In Movie format, they’ll have a longer time to develop a great script, and a MUCH bigger budget to do the special effects and scenes they couldn’t do with the TV show.

    We may end up seeing a MUCH better version of Stargate Atlantis in movie format than TV…so far its done wonders for Stargate SG-1.

    I hope the can get everyone together each year when they start filming (SG-1 so far as been able too). All of Atlantis’ cast are sad to see the TV Show end, but nearly all of them sound excited at the possibilities of the movies, so that’s a good sign that they’ll be able to get them all together when they need to.

  5. We are huge fans of Atlantis and SG-1 in this house. I was disappointed reading that Atlantis is to srop – until you cheered me up with the news about the DVD episodes a la SG-1.
    I’m not too sure I fancy Universe though – sounds a bit too like every other Sci-Fi theme for me, but I’ll give it a go.
    Hello, by the way – I’m sure you’ll have worked out the trail that led me here – and I’m sure I’ll be back.
    Anji – X

  6. Hey Anji, thanks for the comments and stopping by…Glad to hear you and your family are such big Gaters’ as well, it’s great to have you and I will definitely look forward to future visits by you, and other ‘Gate’ fans.

    I’m really looking forward to the Movies too, and with bigger budgets to work with, they should do a great job. Quite a few people are hesitant about Universe, but don’t forget that there were a ton who didn’t want Atlantis either and were upset when SG-1 was ending because of it.

    I did find your site, and it’s great! One thing I’ve mentioned before, but I sometimes forget to mention it again is: I still have quite a few posts in the backburner that need to be finished and/or posted…and many of which are of Stargate Atlantis (so you’ll be happy to read those continued Episode info’s), the other show I need to finish many of the posts on are Eureka (half of these posts are near completion).

    So it’ll be a busy and interesting month here on DR Corner…look forward to see you again. Feel free to comment away on any of those posts, or any others that fancy you…

    Congrats on the new Hamster addition btw! 😀

  7. Why thank you, kind Sir. 🙂

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