An Eco-Friendly Hard Drive

Lots of Space, Fast, and Green…We have an Eco-Tech hit!

Eco-Tech is becoming all the rage these days, along with everything else green. Long considered one of the biggest energy consuming product-types, Technology may finally be getting some extra relief in their “greening” efforts. They’re also attempting it in newer ways; instead of struggling to make the entire thing green, they’re greening the various components…so as a whole the product will be more environmentally friendly. In steps a new hard drive that’s not only more efficient, but its “DNA” is even greener.

The [re]drive™ from SimpleTech is a new energy-efficient,  eco-friendly hard-drive (external). It doesn’t sacrifice space or speed either, boasting a 500 GB capacity, and USB boost technology which enables slightly faster transfers over USB.

SimpleTech describes the hard drive as being “[..]made with renewable, naturally grown bamboo and recyclable aluminum, the most recycled metal on the planet. Add to that a low-power hard drive and Energy Star power adapter, and you’ve got a storage and backup solution that keeps your grid demands to a minimum.” It’s great to see manufacturers searching everywhere they can to improve the efficiency of our energy use, while not sacrificing quality if life. Below are some additional selling points on this eco-friendly technology (more can be found on the link above):

  1. Designed using recyclable aluminum and bamboo
  2. Bamboo is incredibly strong and is one the earth’s most sustainable, environmentally-friendly natural resources
  3. Bamboo is naturally grown local to our manufacturing facility so the material is not transported over long distances
  4. Bamboo is steamed press using water only. No harsh chemicals or wood varnish are used.
  5. The aluminum enclosure is 100% recyclable
  6. Simplified eco-friendly package contains just the bare essentials to reduce waste
  7. Retail box corrugate is 100% recyclable
  8. Energy-efficient design reduces carbon impact
  9. Energy Star® Level 4-qualified power adapter offering up to 10% power efficiency improvement over our current model, and up to 30% greater power savings over non-Energy Star adapters
  10. Automatically powers on or off with your computer
  11. Aluminum enclosure acts as a heat sink, cooling the drive without using additional energy or creating noise (like a fan)
  12. All models incorporate specially sourced low-power hard drives, saving consumers up to 40% in hard drive power consumption
  13. All waste aluminum is recycled during manufacturing and mixed up to 30% with raw aluminum to form parts
  14. Materials are kept separate from one another, so the drive is easily disassembled for recycling at the end of its life

~ by drcorner on August 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “An Eco-Friendly Hard Drive”

  1. Very interesting! How much more does it cost compared to conventional hard drives? Would people fork out more for these things?

  2. Surprisingly they’re actually priced at about the same of regular, non environmentally-friendly hard-drives of this size. They’re also available at a lot of big-chain retailers, so they appear to be not that hard to obtain either, the link below is a price-grid from Google.

    The beauty about it is that you’re also going to be saving extra in reduced energy bills too while not sacrificing speed or quality. The blue text in the original post above is a link to their website for more details.

  3. That’s pretty sweet. Although, in the interest of conservation, I should just use the one I have until I NEED a new one. I’m holding out for terabytes or maybe even petabytes. That would be something!

  4. It shouldn’t be too long before we see Terabyte version of these Eco-Friendly Hard Drives…they already have the basic technology in place, but I think they’re probably going to develop better cooling and miniaturization before they roll out bigger size, because with bio-degradable products in the hard drive instead of the normal material, cooling and airflow may behave differently.

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