Stargate Atlantis Is Back…

Season 5 Is Here, And Re-Runs Are Not!

For all those “Gater’s” out there, Stargate: Atlantis is finally back from their annual mid-season break. After leaving off last season with another bang, they look to start off the first half of Season 5 with some new changes. For those of you who haven’t yet seen SGA Episode 5×01 (“Search and Rescue”), the obligatory spoiler warnings follow.

Following last Season’s cliffhanger where Tela was kidnapped, and the entire Search & Rescue Team possibly killed. We pickup right after the storage facility’s booby-traps go off, the compound collapses, and we see that most of the S&R Team have not survived. Mainly the SGA regulars have made it, albeit injured, and are sectioned off into trapped groups. When one of the survivors makes it back to the gate, Atlantis commander, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter quickly dispatches a larger group to rescue their own from the unstable rubble. Things quickly go from bad to worse as the wraith Michael (for those of you new to the show, he’s a wraith turned human, who looks to create a super-race of Wraith-Human hybrids) is on his way to the site of his collapsed facility after receiving a signal sent from his booby-trap.

The S&R Team have to evacuate the site, but not before McKay and Lorne are dugout. Because Sheppard and Ronon are trapped deeper they’re going to take longer to rescue and although Ronan is relatively unscathed, Sheppard’s seriously injured by a metal rod that’s pierced his side.

As Michael’s hive ship arrives in orbit, the rest of the rescue party has taken cover in the cloaked puddle jumper awaiting the Daedalus’ arrival. Right on cue it emerges from hyperspace and Michael’s ship is ready to flee the ensuing fight, and to the dismay of his crew leave behind darts and soldiers who are still scouring on the surface. As Michael’s about to leave, the Daedalus fires it’s weapons on Michael’s hyperdrive and disables it. Forced to now fight, the hive ship and Daedalus engage in a stalemate battle. Sam is able to get a coded message to Daedalus’ commander Colonel Steven Caldwell: they need to temporarily drop their shields and beam the still trapped Ronan and Sheppard to their ship.

Ronan and Sheppard hear people attempting to dig them out, but not knowing whether they’re friend or foe they ask a series of questions that their “rescuers” incorrectly answer. With their weapons aimed at the cave-in’s entrance, they’re beamed aboard the Daedalus right before their befuddled “rescuers” (who were really advanced scouts sent by Michael to capture any survivors) are able to get through. With shields down for the transport, the Daedalus takes blow after blow to its hull.

The stage shifts from the planet’s surface to its orbit. The Daedalus has taken a lot of damage to system critical components, but is able to raise shields, right as the puddle jumper with the remaining rescue party is able to dock. The Daedalus’ weapons systems are now down, and Michael’s hive ship isn’t in any better shape, we’re at a stalemate once again. Repairs are under way for both ships.

Needing surgery, Sheppard is rushed to the infirmary…to which he refuses. He doesn’t want to abandon hope for Teyla behind like he did with Lt. Aiden Ford (see: Season 2). They devise a plan to use a squadron of F-302’s to distract the hive ship, while another team boards the ship on a clocked puddle jumper. It works to perfection, and they’re able to locate Teyla. McKay alerts the team that the hive ship’s hyperdrive is almost repaired (far faster than they thought). After placing C4 charges, they rush to leave when a series of events prevent them, starting with Teyla going into labor and Sheppard’s injuries starting to overcome him. They detonate the charges, and the hive ship immediately loses main power. Michael, sensing the end might be near, makes a hasty exit. Meanwhile, McKay (who was let alone with Teyla) is able to guide her through childbirth, just as the others rendezvous with them.

Upon making their way to where they had landed, they see their puddle jumper is gone (most likely taken by Michael during his escape). Teyla’s husband shows up (he, along with the rest of Teyla’s people were brainwashed into serving Michael). Seeing his wife, and new baby (coupled with the earlier incident of Michael abandoning his own on the planet), he leads them to a dart.

Sheppard radio’s the Daedalus. and Commander Caldwell advises them to head home through the Stargate, while he finishes off the hive ship. We see that Sheppard has the rest of the Team in the dart’s dematerializer containment, all except one: the baby, which he cradles on the way home.

Back at Atlantis, Sheppard is alongside Teyla in the infirmary. She thanks him for not giving up and informs him of the babies name, Torren John Emmagan, which are the first names of the babies’ father and Sheppard…just as he’s wheeled off to finally get surgery. The show ends with Colonel Carter heading back to earth for her first year evaluations and rap up some other loose ends back home. The shock comes when she comes back through the gate (Earth-side), and is met by I.O.A’s Mr. Woolsey. He informs her that she’s being relieved of Atlantis’ command, and he’ll be replacing her…


~ by drcorner on July 26, 2008.

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  2. First, thanks for the comment jzhollaway…always welcomed, and much obliged.

    As for the reply itself, I’m not sure if you linked the right video. Maybe video #132, titled “Search & Rescue”, was your intended target. It’s the trailer for the episode that this summary is about. If not, my apologies, and if you could elaborate further on your connection of Stargate Continuum (the Movie) to this episode I’d be happy to read about it. Thanks.

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